Participant Account Statements for Active and Inactive Employees

Please review the footnotes on your statement, which may address questions you have. Use your Online Pension Account to make any needed changes to your beneficiaries or contact information, or contact WRS to address questions or needed changes.

New Statement Delivery Schedule

In compliance with Wyoming Statute 9-3-446(b), the Wyoming Retirement System is required to provide you with an annual statement of your pension benefit. WRS statements include your account balance, an estimated pension benefit (for vested employees), and total qualifying months of service. To streamline the distribution of statements to all of our members, WRS is transitioning from an end-of year distribution (January to December) to an annualized statement based on our members’ birth month. See Exhibit A for when your notice should arrive. We understand this change may impact some members who rely on the end of the year statement. You can download an end of year statement from your WRS pension portal. This change will benefit members as you will receive the most updated picture of your account balance.

Birth Month     Statement Period
January to December
February to January
March to February
April to March
May to April
June to May
July to June
August to July
September to August
October to September
November to October
December to November 

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Inactive Member Statements

If you are an inactive member—no longer employed by a participating employer—as indicated on your statement, review the Inactive Member Information Page to learn about your options.