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Most public employees in Wyoming are automatically in a WRS Pension and Social Security. We have made joining the 457 Plan easy. It will only take 5 minutes. 4
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 A Journey to a Better Retirement

Your WRS pension is the biggest step on your journey to a secure retirement. Social Security will help you along the way. But to fully reach your goal of a secure retirement, you’ll also need to put aside a portion of your earnings.
Retirement saving components
Savings over time

The Earlier You Start, the Easier the Journey

Potential growth on your investment is helping fund your retirement.

And the News Keeps Getting Better

Did you know that every dollar you set aside for yourself could turn into twelve dollars by the time you retire?
Investment growth

1 - This illustration represents the proportions that may result for a career employee. Most public employees in Wyoming are members of a pension plan administered by WRS and, with the exception of paid firefighters and some police, participate in Social Security. If you are not sure about your participation, check with your human resources office.

2 - This example assumes a retirement age of 65, an annual income of $25,000 (without increases), 3% contribution, 6.5% rate of return, and monthly compounding. This chart is for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to represent the performance of any specific investment. Actual returns will vary and principal value will fluctuate. Applicable taxes are due when money is withdrawn.

3 - This illustration is a hypothetical compounding example that assumes biweekly deferrals (for 40 years) at a 6.5% annual effective rate of return. It illustrates the principle of time and compounding. It is not intended to predict or project the investment results of any specific investment. Investment return are not guaranteed and will vary depending on investments and market experience. If fees, taxes, and expenses were reflected, the hypothetical returns would be less.

4 - New employees of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the state of Wyoming will be automatically enrolled in the WRS 457 Plan unless they opt out.