If you are a survivor of a WRS retiree or beneficiary, we are sorry for your loss.

Each WRS pension plan has different payout and benefit provisions for survivors. In general, the benefit option selected at the time of retirement will determine whether a pension payment continues for the beneficiary and the amount of that benefit.

Some benefit options include a cash payout of any remaining account balance to the member's beneficiary. Typically, a retiree draws all the funds from his or her account within three to five years of retiring, after which the retiree is paid with WRS investment earnings. Therefore, it is rare a lump sum payment is paid at a retiree’s death.

Please review the relevant pension plan handbook for details.

Pop-Up Provisions

Some WRS pension benefit payout options include a pop-up provision. Under these payout options, if you are a WRS member and your beneficiary precedes you in death, your benefit amount will “pop-up” to a higher amount.

Please review the relevant pension plan handbook for details.


WRS receives death notifications from several information providers. However, we appreciate timely direct notification. We will need one of the following documents for our files: a copy of the death certificate, memorial from the service, or newspaper clipping of the obituary.