Pension Refund/Rollover Request Forms

If you want to take a lump-sum refund of your Wyoming Retirement System pension account, please complete this application packet. Please make sure all information is complete and forms have the appropriate signatures. Incomplete forms will delay your refund.
  • Complete the Refund Request form.
    • A refund includes only the Employee Contributions, plus interest; Employer Contributions are not refundable. Excluding the Volunteer Plan, if your initial date of hire is July 1, 2018, or later and you are not vested, a refund includes only the Employee Contributions you paid out-of-pocket, plus interest on those contributions. It does not include the Employee Contributions paid on your behalf by your employer, nor does it include Employer Contributions. To be vested, most plans require at least 48 months of service credit; the Warden and Patrol Plan requires at least 72 months
      • If you are vested, A benefit specialist will be in contact with you after reviewing your refund/rollover request.
      • An additional vested response form along with an estimate will be sent to you after receiving your application. 
      • This estimate will show you the lifetime benefit amount you will be forfeiting.
    • Your signature is required in the Member Certification and Spouse’s Acknowledgment section of the form. If you are you are married, your spouse’s signature is also required. All signatures must be acknowledged before a notary public.
  • If you want to roll over all or a portion of your WRS pension account into an IRA or qualified retirement plan at another financial institution, you must complete
    • Section 1 of the Rollover Request form. The new Custodian/Trustee must complete
    • Section 2 of the Rollover Request form.
      • Direct deposit is not available for 100% rollovers. 
      • Partial Rollovers may be processed as direct deposits on the portion payable to the individual.
  • If you are vested in WRS (generally 48 or more months of service credit), you must also complete a Vested Response Form. Please contact a Benefits Specialist at (307) 777-1977 or for this form and additional options. 
  • If you are currently enrolled in Tier 1 of the Public Employee Plan and take a refund, and you later return to work for a participating employer of WRS, you will be subject to a different membership tier and retirement eligibility requirements. 

Processing Time

  • Your refund request will be processed within 90 days, but WRS must first have all completed paperwork from you and the final contributions and notice of termination from your employer.
  • If your account has been inactive, we will make every attempt to process your refund on the next processing date.
  • Incomplete forms will delay your refund. If you do not respond to our request for additional information within 15 days, your refund request will be cancelled.
  • Your check will be mailed to the address you provide on your Refund Request form, unless you provide direct deposit information.
  • Employers submit contributions to WRS once a month. Please keep in mind, employers have until the 12th of the month to submit contributions for the PREVIOUS month. For example, if you terminate employment on the 5th of November, the earliest we would receive your final contributions would be the middle of December.
  • If for any reason your employer does not submit your final contributions by the 12th of the following month, your refund may be delayed.
  • Every employer has a payroll cutoff for the month, so if you terminate your employment after your employer’s payroll cutoff, your refund may be delayed.