The investment menu offers pre-mixed target date funds, a mix-your-own menu of funds, and, for more experienced investors, the flexibility to choose from an expanded list of mutual funds through a self-directed brokerage account. 

The menu gives you choice in how active you want to be in managing and customizing your 457 Plan investments.

Level 1 - Do It For Me

Choose the one pre-mixed target date fund in which the year referenced in the name best matches the approximate year you will reach age 65.
Target Date Funds

Level 2 - Do It Myself

Choose your own mix of custom fund-of-funds developed by WRS to help participants achieve their retirement goals. Each fund was carefully constructed to consider expected returns, risk, and fees with minimal overlap of specific investments.

For more information visit the Help For Mix-Your-Own Investors page.

Risk return meter

Level 3 - Self Directed Brokerage

For experienced investors, offering a wide array of mutual funds through TD Ameritrade.