Responsible Investing. A Secure Future.

WRS invests for the long-term. By pooling approximately $8 billion in assets and pre-funding benefits through member and employer contributions, WRS' pension plans pay about 70% of benefits from investment earnings.

The WRS investment policy statement defines the desired investment outcome and strategy.

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WRS Board

It is the WRS board’s responsibility to develop a return objective and investment strategy that will keep contribution rates reasonably level and adequately fund benefits. Board members are required by law to act in the best financial interest of members.
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Investment Team

The WRS Board delegates tactical and implementation decisions, including investment manager selection, to the Chief Investment Officer (CIO), with approval of the Executive Director.

Strategic Asset Allocation

The strategic asset allocation reflects the Wyoming Retirement System’s view of the investment asset classes most appropriate to allow the plan to meet its return objective within a reasonable degree of risk. Establishing the strategic asset allocation is a continuous process. The Board annually reviews asset class return and volatility assumptions.
Wyoming Retirement System Investment asset allocation