Retirement Seminars

No matter what your age, today is the day to get started with retirement planning. The WRS educators are available to help members learn about benefits, investing and retirement planning.

WRS retirement educators travel throughout the state year round. If you're a member, talk to your human resources professional about scheduling one of our seminars when the educators are in your area.

Wyoming Retirement System education seminar

Retirement Goal Calculator

As you develop a retirement strategy, estimate how much retirement income Social Security and your WRS pension benefits will provide, and how much you need to provide through the Deferred Compensation Plan and other investments in order to achieve financial security in retirement.
Pie Chart

457 Deferred Compensation Plan

Your WRS pension is a big part of achieving your goal of a secure retirement. Social Security will help you along the way. To fully reach your retirement goals, you’ll also need to put aside a portion of your earnings.

Find out how you can join many of your co-workers on a journey to a better retirement.