Take some time to consider your "future self." Research indicates that people who spend time envisioning potential outcomes can as much as double their intended retirement savings rate.

Today, take some time to imagine you are living comfortably during retirement. What does that look like to you? Write down a description so someone reading it can also imagine and understand what you’re thinking and feeling.

Sonja Meets Her Future Self

Wyoming Retirement System is uniquely positioned to be able to help in the development of early financial literacy for Wyoming kids. WRS educators periodically read a children’s story developed by WRS, Sonja Meets Her Future Self, to classrooms of elementary school students.

In the story, a young girl named Sonja travels forward in time and meets future versions of herself. Along the way she learns about the importance of saving and what it means to be retired. We encourage you to download the story and read it to the kids in your life and as a reminder to think about your future self.

Narrated Sonja Meets Her Future Self Video