Partnering to Build Financial Security for Members and their Families

By partnering with WRS, over 700 public employers throughout the state offer cost-effective benefits that help take care of the people who are taking care of Wyoming and its citizens. WRS has been providing expert administration and responsible investment of Wyoming’s public retirement and supplemental savings programs since 1953. 

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WRS Board

The WRS Board of Trustees is responsible for managing WRS’ assets and liabilities to keep the retirement plans financially sound and board members are required by law to act in the best financial interest of members.
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WRS invests for the long-term. By pooling approximately $8 billion in assets and pre-funding benefits through member and employer contributions, WRS' pension plans pay about 70% of benefits from investment earnings.

Good for members. Good for Wyoming.

WRS' pension plans are funded by member and employer contributions and offer a lifetime benefit once the member is eligible, providing financial security and independence in retirement.

About 78% of WRS benefit payments remain in Wyoming, and the ripple effect of these payments helps stimulate and stabilize the state and local economies.

WRS Benefit Payout by County