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Pension Forms and Retirement Application

Retirement Application

Pension Payout Options

Timing of Your First Retirement Check:

The timing of your first retirement check varies depending on your employer's practices regarding regular payroll schedules, contract payout structures, or summer payroll schedule (school districts).

If your application is complete, you may generally expect your first payment from WRS 60-90 days after your last working day, provided WRS has received final contributions and a termination notice from your employer.

Your first payment will be retroactive back to your retirement date. All new retirees are encouraged to prepare for the potential gap between their last paycheck from their employer and their first retirement benefit payment.

Step 1:

Get an Official Estimate Online

...or print and mail the
Retirement Estimate
Request Form

Request an official retirement benefit estimate and get any benefits counseling from WRS about six months prior to your expected retirement date.

If you are also a participant in the WRS Deferred Compensation Plan, contact us at (800) 989-9324 to learn about your distribution options.

Step 2:

Apply for
Retirement Online

If you prefer to apply via paper form, complete and mail the application form for your pension plan, sign, and have notarized where needed:

Public Employees Pension

Law Enforcement Pension

Warden, Patrol, and DCI Pension

Judicial Pension

Paid Firefighter A Pension

Paid Firefighter B Pension

Guard Firefighter Pension 

Volunteer Firefighter & EMT Pension

File your application no sooner than 2 weeks before your last working day.

You can also file your application any time after your last working day. WRS cannot process your application until your final payment from your employer is complete and the associated contributions are received by WRS.

Before you begin your retirement application, gather the following information & documents:

  • your last working day/effective retirement date
  • you and your beneficiaries' Social Security numbers, dates of birth, and addresses
  • knowledge of which retirement benefit option you will be choosing
  • banking information including bank routing number(s) and account number(s)
  • knowledge of tax withholdings you will want to select
  • your spouse's email address (unique from your own) if you are married
  • a scanned version of your birth certificate (if available - this can also be mailed)

Additional Pension Forms

Most of the actions initiated via the paper forms below can also be initiated in your Online Pension Account

A separate form may be required for members of the 457 Deferred Compensation Plan, as indicated next to each form.

Forms for Active Employees

  • Pension Refund/Rollover Request - If you have a total of 48 or more months of contributions in the Wyoming Retirement System (WRS), you must obtain an official benefit estimate from WRS before you may take a refund on your account. Please contact WRS at (307) 777-7691 to obtain the forms required. Pension only.

Forms for Retirees: