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Online Pension Account Help Resources

Your Online Pension Account provides access to pension information and transactions specific to your account:

  • Update your contact information
  • Manage beneficiaries
  • Get an estimate of your future benefit (vested members)
  • Submit a refund request
  • Submit a retirement request
  • Set up direct deposit (retirees)
  • Access your IRS 1099r (retirees & refunds)
  • Get monthly retirement pay statements (retirees)
  • Change W4 tax witholding information (retirees)
  • Access your annual statement

Account Setup

To set up your Online Pension Account access for the first time, visit:

You will need 3 pieces of information: your RAIN ID, your Social Security Number and your Date-of-Birth.

WRS encourages all members to use a personal email address as their online account username and contact email. It is important that WRS is able to contact you even after you retire or leave your current employer. You may change the email address/username in your online pension account. 

Browser Compatibility and Security Settings

If you are experiencing issues logging in, such as your browser asks you to verify your computer each time you attempt to log in, or you are unable to log in for the first time due to an error, the guides below will help you set up your browser.

Many users have experienced issues with the default security settings in Internet Explorer causing problems with accessing their online pension account. Windows users, please use the instructions above to adjust your security settings, or download Google Chrome or Firefox for Windows.