2019 Board Meeting Schedule

September 4-6 – WRS Board, Jackson – Snow King

November 21-22 – WRS Board, Cheyenne - LCCC


Wednesday/Thursday format (2.5 days for Aug/Sept)



*Board - once a quarter: February, May, August/September & November

*Investment Committee - once a quarter (month before Board meeting)

*Vol Fire/EMT - once a quarter (varies)

*JAC - usually twice a year, summer and fall


Focus of Board Meeting (if applicable)

February – Investment Committee IPS/Appendix I & Goals

May – Actuarial Valuation Presentation, Strategic Planning, & Board Self-Evaluation

August/September – Next years’ meeting locations, Election of Officers, & ED Review

November – Audit Review & Planning, Fiduciary Presentation, Review Board Policy Manual


Checklist of reoccurring tasks

Annually – Board Officer Elections, Board Evaluation, review of Board Policy Manual,
review of strategic asset allocation (Appendix I), review DC IPS, Executive Director Evaluation