Reminders for successful setup of employees

When entering new employees, it is important that all information is correct and that an email address for the new employee is included on the template. Please note that it is recommended to use a personal email address which the member will still have access to should they leave your organization. This email address serves as their login credential to the portal and how WRS sends statement information and other important transactional information.

Beneficiaries Are Important

Participants, including new employees, should use the RAIN Participant Portal to add their beneficiary information. As we all know, this information is very important in cases where a member passes away. New employees will automatically receive email notification to use the RAIN Participant Portal to add their own beneficiaries. The email will go to the email address provided on the Employee Template uploaded by employers. Please let new employees know to expect this email and to click the activation link within 4 days. If the employee does not activate their RAIN account within that timeframe, they should contact WRS and ask us to send a new activation email. Please emphasize how important it is that your employees use the RAIN Participant Portal to add beneficiaries once they access their account. If an employee does not have an email address, WRS will need to add beneficiaries for them. In that case, please have the employee send only the completed and notarized WRS-2 Beneficiary Form with the new employee's RAIN ID listed on the top.

Managing Beneficiaries in the RAIN Participant Portal

Once the participant is logged in to the RAIN Participant Portal at, they should select "Your Account" and then "Beneficiaries." 

Participants will see their current beneficiary information and can use the "Update Beneficiary Information" button to make updates. Additionally, the Fast Tasks button "Manage Beneficiaries" will take the user directly to the beneficiary screen.

If an employee is married spousal approval is required to make changes to the beneficiary designation.

Have you had Employer Contact Changes?

Please notify us if you have Employer Contact changes at your organization. Email

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