The Wyoming Retirement System's retirement educators are available to help members learn about benefits, investing and retirement planning.

If you are a member, talk to your human resources professional about scheduling a seminar when the educators are in your area, or contact WRS about an individual meeting. Because WRS Educators have a lot of ground to cover in our great state, individual sessions are very limited, and it's best if group seminars can be scheduled to maximize the value of the Educators' travel time.

Upcoming Travel Dates

WRS Educators map out their travel schedule by counties and accept invitations for seminars and meetings until their availability is full. Below are upcoming travel dates by the week. Full details on event specifics in each county are available in our Events Calendar shortly before the travel date.

Educator bookings are on a first-come, first served basis, with a preference for group events. Events are subject to change, as Wyoming's weather can be uncooperative for travel at times.



January February March
7-10 (Sheridan, Johnson)
14-17(Natrona, Converse, Niobrara)
22-25 (Campbell, Weston, Crook)
28-31 (Sweetwater, Carbon)
4-7 (Uinta, Lincoln)
11-14 (Laramie)
19-22 (Park, Big Horn)
25-28 (Fremont, Hot Springs, Washakie)
4-7 (Teton, Sublette)
11-14 (Natrona, Converse, Niobrara)
18-21 (Albany, Platte, Goshen)
25-28 (Sheridan, Johnson)
April May June
1-4 (Sweetwater, Carbon)
8-11(Campbell, Weston, Crook)
15-18 (Uinta, Lincoln)
22-25 (Park, Big Horn)
6-9 (Fremont, Hot Springs, Washakie)
13-16 (Teton, Sublette)
20-23 (Albany, Platte, Goshen)
28-31 (Sheridan, Johnson)
3-6 (Natrona, Converse, Niobrara)
10-13 (Laramie County)
July August September
8-11 (Campbell, Weston, Crook)
15-18 (Sweetwater, Carbon)
5-8 (Uinta, Lincoln)
12-15 (Albany, Platte, Goshen)
19-22 (Fremont, Hot Springs, Washakie)
26-29 (Park, Big Horn)
3-6 (Teton, Sublette)
16-19 (Laramie County)
23-26 (Sheridan, Johnson)
October November December
1-4 (Albany, Platte, Goshen)
7-10 (Uinta, Lincoln)
28-31 (Teton, Sublette)
4-7 (Laramie County)
12-15 (Campbell, Weston, Crook)
25-27 (Natrona, Converse, Niobrara)
2-5 (Park, Big Horn)
9-12 (Fremont, Hot Springs, Washakie)
16-19 (Sweetwater, Carbon)