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Pension Service Purchase Calculator

Your Service Purchase Decision

It is up to you to assess if purchasing a service purchase is in your best interest. WRS cannot give financial, tax or legal advice.

Considerations in Making a Service Purchase:

Impact to Your Future Benefit
Use our benefit calculator to calculate your benefit with the years of service you will have before the purchase and then calculate again with the years of service you would have after the purchase.


Potential Future Value of Your Service Purchase Money
In making a service purchase, you will be buying an annuity that will give you a monthly benefit for life once you reach retirement age. In return, you give up flexibility you may have had with the money you would use to make the purchase, such as future return potential, flexible distribution options at retirement, or a balance to leave to your heirs. 


You may want to seek the services of a financial professional for assistance as these calculators require you to assume a rates of return on your investment.

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Vested pension members have a one-time opportunity to purchase up to five years of qualified service in most plans. Honorably discharged veterans may purchase an additional three years (a maximum of 8 years total). 

Use the calculator below to obtain a ballpark estimate of the cost to purchase service credit. Be sure to choose the correct pension plan from the drop down menu in the first field.

If you are interested in purchasing service, contact our offices at (307) 777-7691 to obtain official cost information and start the service purchase process. 

Disclaimer: This calculation is based on information you have provided. The accuracy of the results provided depends on the accuracy of the variables you entered. This calculator provides an unofficial cost estimate of purchasing service and should be used for informational purposes only. If you are interested in purchasing service, contact WRS to obtain official cost information.