WRS invests approximately $7.5 billion with a combined investment strategy for all plans. The WRS Board establishes parameters for asset allocation and delegates investment manager and tactictal allocation decisions to the WRS Chief Investment Officer with WRS Executive Director approval.

Strategic Target Asset Allocation

as of February 2017
Strategic Target Asset Allocation

Role of the Wyoming Retirement System Board

The WRS investment policy statement defines the desired outcome of the investment of funds. It is the board’s responsibility to:

  • Develop a Return Objective that will:
    1. Keep contribution rates reasonably level over long periods of time subject to and recognizing that changes made in the law, actuarial assumptions and benefit levels will impact contribution rates.
    2. Adequately fund aggregate liabilities.
  • Establish a strategic asset allocation that is expected to meet the Return Objective while minimizing the impact of the fund’s volatility on the contribution rate.

The strategic asset allocation reflects the Wyoming Retirement System’s view of the asset classes most appropriate to allow the plan to meet its required rate of return within a reasonable degree of risk. Establishing the strategic asset allocation is a continuous process. In addition, the Board annually reviews asset class return and volatility assumptions with the goal of adjusting expectations on a forward 12 month basis and on a longer term view.


Contact Information for Investment Managers:

The WRS Board has delegated tactical asset allocation and implementation decisions, including manager hiring and termination, to the investment staff. Email is the preferred means of communication with the WRS investment staff. Please refrain from calling the system or investment staff directly.

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Role of CIO and Investment Team:

The WRS Board has delegated Tactical Asset Allocation and implementation decisions (including investment manager hiring and termination) to the Chief Investment Officer (CIO), with approval of the Executive Director.

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  • Tactical Decisions are sub-asset class allocation choices made by the CIO with the approval of the Executive Director deviate from the Strategic Asset Allocation weight. The value added through these decisions to overweight or underweight these sub-asset classes is measured by the difference between the SAA benchmark return and the TAA benchmark return.
  • Implementation Decisions are money manager selection choices made by the CIO with the approval of the Executive Director. The value added through these manager selection decisions is measured by the difference between the actual manager portfolio return and the strategic asset allocation return. This difference captures the value added through these manager hiring decisions. Returns greater than the benchmark return reflect value added through these manager selection decisions.


Annualized Net of Fee Return as of 12/31/2016

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