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Retirement Goal-Setting Worksheet
PDF | Online
Estimate how much retirement income Social Security and your employer-sponsored pension benefits will provide and how much needs to be provided through the 457 Plan and other investments.

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Beneficiary Designation Considerations

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Decisions When Leaving a WRS Employer (pdf) 

457 Deferred Compensation Plan Resources

457 Deferred Compensation Plan Information & Forms...

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Social Security


Internal Revenue Service

Wyoming State Legislature

Prudential Life Insurance


Wyoming Secretary of State Rules Database

WRS Introduction for Members

Wyoming Retirement System IntroThe WRS Member Introduction gives an overview of the basic structure of WRS' retirement benefits, including the pension and deferred compensation plans.

All new employees and members unfamiliar with their retirement benefits should read this introduction, along with the appropriate Pension Plan Handbook and Deferred Compensation Plan Handbook.

Download the WRS Member Introduction (pdf)... 
or call (307) 777-7691 or email us to request a hard copy.


Retirement Education Seminar Videos

It's Your Financial Journey
This seminar looks at the unique challenges women face during their retirement years. The seminar gives women, and the men who care about women, information on how to prepare for retirement.

Live Smart, Save Smart

This seminar is designed to teach budgeting and savings strategies applicable to any life stage.