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New Employees & Terminations

Employee registrations, terminations, and service breaks occur through the Employer Portal. Please do not send WRS paper forms for employee registrations, terminations, or leaves-of-absence.

  • When entering new employees, it is important that all information is correct and that an email address for the new employee is included on the template. WRS suggests employees use a personal email address which they will still have access to should they leave employment with your organization. An online pension account activation email will automatically be sent to the new employee, allowing the employee to log in, enter beneficiaries and verify account information. Please let new employees know to expect this email and emphasize the importance of adding beneficiaries. The activation link in the email will expire 4 days. If the employee does not activate their online account within that timeframe, they should contact WRS and ask for a new activation email.
  • (WRS-9) Rehired Retiree Form - Must be completed when you hire an employee who has already begun collecting a retirement benefit from a WRS pension plan.
  • When terminating an employee, the last day of employment must be accurate in order to avoid the need for adjustments to the participant's account. Employers cannot terminate an employee until all contributions have been paid. The termination info can be on the same contribution template file as the last contribution, but must be on a separate row.

Member Information Updates

Participants should now use their Online Pension Account to enter or update their beneficiaries and contact information. Paper forms for beneficiary changes and other items are also available on the pension forms page...

Contribution Invoices

WRS cannot accept out-of-balance contributions. Any contribution payments must match the invoice totals. Please do not mail payments without completing the upload process.

Here are some helpful tips to ensure your contribution file uploads properly:

  • Use a separate line for contributions and terminations. (This includes rehired retirees)
  • Make sure the headers and explanation fields are in the exact format as the original template. If you need to, copy and paste from the template to make sure the formatting is the same. The drop-down menus for several columns such as Plan, Record Type, Service Break Code, etc. contain specific formatting that must match the template selections.
  • Remove any blank lines at the end of the file or blank columns to the right of the file
  • Double Check
    • All Employee RAIN ID numbers are entered
    • All required columns are completed
    • Rehired retiree payments are in the Rehired Retiree Payment (Untaxed) column, not in the regular contribution columns
  • The Employer Portal works best on screen sizes of at least 1200 pixels in horizontal resolution. Some Internet Explorer users have reported issues using certain functions, and WRS recommends the use of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers.
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