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457 Deferred Compensation Plan Resources

457 Plan Quick Links

Deeper Dive - An in-depth guide to the 457 Plan for participants.

Deferred Compensation Plan Document - The official rules and regulations that govern the WRS 457 Deferred Compensation Plan.

Fund Overview and Performance 

457 Plan Forms

Retirement Education Seminars

Retirement Goal-Setting Worksheet

Beneficiary Designation Considerations

Decisions When Leaving a WRS Employer (pdf)

Glossary of Investment Terms

Paycheck Comparison Calculator

DecadesLearn what you can do in each decade of your career to prepare for retirement

Budget WorksheetThis budget worksheet can help members track expenses to see where their money is being spent.


Decide How Much to Save

Estimate how much retirement income Social Security and your employer-sponsored pension benefits will provide and how much needs to be provided through the 457 Plan and other investments. Use the online Retirement Goal-Setting Worksheet...

Pre or Post-Tax Contributions

The Roth 457 Option- A one-page explanation of the after-tax option available in the 457 Plan as of Jan. 1, 2012.

The Roth Option: Is It Right for You? - A four-page FAQ about the after-tax option available in the 457 Plan. 


Choose Your Investment Path

Investment Brochure
Learn more about the Pre-Mixed and Mix-Your-Own funds paths and what you need to do to be ready for retirement.

Asset Classes
Learn about the different asset classes under the 457 Plan.

Pre-Mixed Funds

Target date funds are pre-mixed portfolios which are designed to shift over time. The asset allocation in each target date fund – which includes cash equivalents, bonds, real assets and stocks – is predetermined based on the target year in the fund name.

When you’re younger, target date funds contain more risk but may have higher returns with the goal of growing your portfolio over time. As you get older and approach retirement, your target date fund moves toward a more conservative asset allocation. When the year in your target date fund arrives, the goal is preserving the assets you’ve accumulated while maintaining a minimal amount of growth.

The asset allocation based on your expected year of retirement is designed to provide diversification so you typically have only one fund.


*NEW* Investor Checklist - This short checklist of six questions mix-your-own investors should address on a regular basis. If you are a mix-your-own investor, do your homework and evaluate your investment strategy at least once a year to determine if you are on track for reaching your retirement objectives, and to assess if changes in your personal situation require changes to your savings rate and/or investments.

Risk Tolerance - Everyone has a different tolerance for risk. Many financial experts create sophisticated questionnaires to gauge what investment mix is right for an individual investor. The risk tolerance quiz takes into account not only your comfort with risk but also how long you have to invest (referred to as your “investment horizon”). Take our Risk Tolerance Quiz... After you've determined your risk tolerance, learn more about your profile: Aggressive, Moderately Aggressive, Moderate, Conservative

Sample portfolios – The sample portfolios can show you how the Mix-Your-own funds can be combined to create a diversified portfolio.


Additional Investing Videos

Savers, Traders or Investors
- This video will help the listener understand the importance of saving for short- and long-term goals.

Stocks, Real Assets, Bonds and Cash Equivalents -
This video will help educate participants about asset classes, how fundamentally different the classes are and how they offer different levels of risk and potential return.

When Cash is Traded for Shares
- In this video, WRS will show how shares of mutual funds change in value over time and what that means to an investor.


Fee-based Investment Guidance and Advisory Services

Because some employees and retirees are interested in investment advice, the Wyoming Retirement System makes fee-based investment advisory services available to its Deferred Compensation 457 Plan participants through Reality Investing® Advisory Services. WRS provides this service as a convenience to participants and does not receive payment or commissions for it. This service is optional and does not replace any of your existing services. WRS also offers low-cost “pre-mixed funds” based on your target retirement date, which can reduce the need for investment advice.

There are three levels of advisory services:

  • Free online investment guidance gives you full access to the Retirement Income Control panel available in your online account. Using this tool you can estimate how much you should be saving and explore different investment strategies and recommendations.
  • For an annual fee of $25 participants can obtain a fund-specific recommendation (charged at $6.25 each quarter you’re enrolled)
  • For an annual fee which starts at 0.45 percent of your account balance participants can enroll in full account management services.

Download a Reality Investing Advisory Services flyer that contains information detailing the new services and how to enroll. You must be logged into your account on the 457 Plan website to enroll in the services.