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Deferred Compensation Forms

  • Enrollment Form - Use this form to enroll in the WRS Deferred Compensation Plan. Please do not use this for any Pension Plan.  

  • Incoming Transfer / Rollover Form - Use this form to consolidate other accounts such as traditional IRA's and retirement plans from previous employers into your current WRS Deferred Compensation account.

  • Beneficiary Change Form - Request changes to the beneficiary on your WRS Deferred Compensation account.

  • Personal Information Change Request - Request changes to the name or address on your Pension and/or Deferred Compensation account. This is the only form that can be used for both programs.

  • Paycheck Contribution Election Form - Request an increase or decrease to the amount you are currently contributing from your salary to your WRS Deferred Compensation account.

  • Distribution Form/Rollover Form - This form is only available through the Deferred Compensation office. This form allows you to withdraw money from your Deferred Compensation Account when you have retired or severed employment. You can obtain the form by calling (307) 777-3325 during normal business hours or by emailing us. This form will accommodate distributions that are either direct payments to yourself or rollovers into other types of tax-deferred accounts.